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Fadhli Anas.

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Fadhli anas loves creating images that make the viewer feel as if they are stepping into a dream. He is a portrait photographer and videographer cum designer residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He began his journey through design field at the age of 12. He then wen't on to study for 3 years at the Universiti Putra Malaysia, graduating with Bachelor Science in Architecture on 2016. Fadhli Anas hopes to help create breathtaking still photos and video for all mediums be, commercial, domestic, creative + fashion.

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Graphic Design

Design suits your needs. In shorts, design everything.


To be the most trends setting in branding culture.


Capture moments to be look back in years.


Summarize all the skills in one terms to be explore.

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"Cipta realiti yang kau impi dalam fantasi yang kau huni." "Infinit[i]"sebuah cerita tanpa noktah. tiga pria, berdiskusi tentang hasrat bikin filem pendek. Dan bagaimana mereka mengimaginasikan idea tersebut hingga jadi satu realiti. mereka tak sedar yang mereka sedang mencipta realiti dalam fantasi mereka.

Fundance 2013 | Malam Kemuncak

There are some pictures that I captured during the Final Fundance that was held at Angkasapuri Auditorium Perdana last saturday. They are top 6 crew that came into the final which is Wakaka Crew, FIX, Kitta Move, MRT, High-Def-Ignition and Stepholic. They were came from different states of Malaysia. FIX was the champion and the first runner up was Wakaka Crew. Both crew shows some showmanship and creativity on the show. Congratulations for the winner!

Anugerah Skrin 2013 | Kuala Lumpur

Shoes Obsession

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things. Even before the actual convocation, four high school besties had the photoshoot around Putrajya Lakeside to celebrates their little friends Atiqah, for her graduation day. Congratulations on your more than successful graduation! Now you see how important is to have determination, optimism and patience. Enjoy the fruit of your efforts and hard work!

Concrete Gear Malaysia Clothing

This local brand tee by concretegear is a versatile must-have for everybody wardrobe. Wear it to work or play, or dress it up with a blazer and wear it out to dinner. Support this local brand strictly from Malaysia.

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